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Gallery Drinkware's 2017 #EcoResolution

Ban single-use plastic water bottles

When we heard that EcoEnclose, one of our favorite environmentally-friendly shipping supply companies, was conducting a contest to find small businesses with compelling "eco-resolutions" for 2017, we knew we had to tell them our story.

As those of you who have been following Water Gallery-Gallery Drinkware's journey well know, one of the most vital cornerstones of our mission as a company is to be as mindful of the environment as possible. From our shipping practices to the reusability of our glass drinkware to giving back to environmental causes and being a Carbon Neutral business, we care deeply about the natural world and work hard to protect our earth in all that we do.

So yeah...we do a lot for Mother Earth. With all that we've been striving to do for the natural world over the past two years since we started our business, we had to really sit down and ask ourselves, what's our #EcoResolution for 2017? How can we push this protect-our-planet thing a little further than we have already? And it suddenly occurred to us what our mission for 2017 needs to be: help people stop stocking their home refrigerators with disposable plastic water bottles, once and for all!

there's no need for single-use plastic water bottles in the home setting!

We've all seen it a gazillion times-- that friend who, when he or she invites you over, opens his/her fridge and has a whole shelf stocked with plastic water bottles, ready to be guzzled and thrown away without a second thought (hopefully recycled, but that's not a guarantee).

You are welcomed into this friend's home with open arms and a kind smile...and immediately offered one of these plastic earth-destroyers. All while a perfectly good faucet (or refrigerator water filter) and cupboard filled with glasses are a mere four steps away. Why? It really doesn't make any sense.

There's no need to use single-use plastic water bottles in the home, yet people do it on a daily basis. All to save time washing a glass? Or because people believe that the water in those plastic water bottles is somehow healthier or "more pure" than that coming from the tap (which is, quite simply, NOT TRUE)? We at Gallery Drinkware can't think of a good reason for those plastic bottles in the home. Not when the alternative is just so darn easy and so much better for the planet.

Let's take a minute to think of the alternative (and sure, we will plug our own company here because we are in the business of creating the solution): instead of handing your guest one of those plastic ocean pollutants, why not hand him or her a piece of functional art filled with water (or if you don't have one of those, a simple plain water glass)?

Not only does a glass filled with water help the natural world by keeping those awful plastic bottles out of our oceans, but it's more elegant, more thoughtful, healthier to drink from, and cheaper! And when your glass drinkware has a beautiful piece of art on it, it also becomes a conversation piece, a social element, and you, in turn, become an even better host to your guests. 

And so, Gallery Drinkware's #EcoResolution is clear: we are here to discourage folks from stocking their home refrigerators with disposable plastic water bottles. In a perfect world, single-use plastic would be banned forever. Sadly, we are far from making that a reality. But with everyone working together, there's hope. Let's give that movement a running start by getting those awful plastic water bottles out of our homes. Free yourself from the shackles of a refrigerator filled with plastic! It will vastly improve your life and that of those around you.


Feb 26, 2017 • Posted by Richard Schott

This is the greatest artwork I have ever seen on glassware.

Feb 25, 2017 • Posted by Kasee Johnson

I only keep a few bottles of water in my fridge, and those are only to hand to the mailman or the UPS driver! My family of 6 switched to reusable water bottles several years ago. Yes, ours are still plastic — with kids and tile floors, I am too scared to go glass. We fill our bottles when we leave the house. At home, we use tumblers with lids and straws. If they only held water, they can be rinsed and filled again, saving space in the dishwasher, ultimately conserving energy and water. And when we go camping, we use refillable water bottles, too, filling the RV fridge with gallons of water and putting much less plastic into the recycle bin. Every little bit helps. We are on our way. And once the last kid outgrows that clumsy awkward stage, we will be switching to glass bottles.

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