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Gallery Drinkware's new Drew Brophy Under the Sea bottle and the story behind the art

Drew Brophy's newest Water Gallery signature bottle Under the Sea is here! This is an exceptionally cool bottle, in our opinion, showcasing Drew's edgy artistic style, featuring sea creatures with bulging eyes, snarling teeth, and screaming colors. It's a surf-lover's dream glass water bottle and would undoubtedly make for an awesome gift. In honor of this special bottle's release, we are offering a free Drew Brophy glass of your choice with purchase of any Drew Brophy bottle from February 8-15, so it's a great time to get one for both yourself and someone in your life!

Water Gallery's Drew Brophy Under the Sea bottle alongside Sunrise pint glass

Beyond just the incredibly cool imagery and vibrant colors, we chose this particular piece of art for this Drew Brophy bottle because of the story behind it. As Drew explains, he once had an energy worker tell him that in a former life, he was a large sea creature. This worker went on to tell him that because of this, in his current life, whenever he's in the ocean he's protected by other ocean creatures. He's not sure if he believes any of this to be true, but he loves the concept of it because he truly feels most at peace when in the sea and he has to be in the ocean on a daily basis to live his life most fully. The painting Under the Sea, which is also known as Deep Into Paradise, is inspired by Drew's experiences when encountering sea creatures while paddle boarding in the open ocean. Looking at this incredible work of art, our imaginations run wild thinking of the creatures he must have come upon! Drew himself says that this painting is the result of the "gnarly" creatures he has seen and also what he imagines when he sees them. One of his greatest joys is being that close to nature, especially in the depths of the ocean. Drew is a master at painting sea life and, in our opinion, has one of the most unique ocean perspectives amongst artists alive today. You've got to see this awesome bottle in person-- it's truly a show-stopper.


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