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Get to know Van Gogh's different versions of "Sunflowers" from five museums at once...on Facebook

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They're calling it #Sunflowers Live. It's going to be five different museum curators in five different museums on three different continents: London, Amsterdam, Munich, Philadelphia, and Tokyo. Each museum houses a different version of Van Gogh's infinitely beloved painting Sunflowers and this "live" experience will enable viewers to examine each of the paintings in a three-dimensional way, as if in the museum itself.

On August 14th, 2017, the curators will each give a 15-minute commentary of his or her own while standing with the painting itself in each respective museum...and viewers will be in the comforts of their own homes. Pretty cool, we think, especially since this is a way to use technology to bring paintings together that are scattered throughout the world and never would be viewed "together" otherwise. 

Jennifer Thompson of the Philadelphia Museum of Art says that Sunflowers is among the public favorites at the museum and that Van Gogh's love of nature along with his use of color and texture are what have attracted people to his paintings for well over a century. We could not agree more-- his use of color, texture, and his unique view of nature are the primary reasons that we chose three of our favorite Van Gogh paintings (Almond Blossom, Irises, and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam's version of Sunflowers) to adorn our upcoming collection of glass bottles and drinkware.

Gallery Drinkware's Van Gogh collection bottle prototypes.

The version of Sunflowers we are using for our glass drinkware employs a yellow background, while the versions of Sunflowers in Philadelphia and Munich have turquoise backgrounds, showcasing how strikingly beautiful and stark Van Gogh's sunflowers can look against varying colors.

For the Facebook Live discussion, each of the curators will focus on a different aspect of their museum's version of Sunflowers, from repetition of subject to use of color. We are always looking to learn more about Van Gogh's incredible art-- truly multifaceted, multilayered works of genius. Someday we hope to visit at least one of the museums which house the different versions of Sunflowers...but until then, Facebook Live will have to do!


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Aug 21, 2017 • Posted by Antonio De Robertis

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