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Increase in shark population off Orange County, California coast

Increase in shark population off Orange County, California coast

Scientists have not yet figured out exactly why, but the number of juvenile great white sharks observed swimming on the Orange County, California coast has dramatically increased. According to Lt. Claude Panis of the Huntington Beach Fire Department's Marine Safety Division, "I've seen more white sharks this year than I have in the previous 30." Huntington Beach has never had to close due to shark activity prior to 2015 and yet there have been three such closures over the past year, including one just this past month. That being said, the general public needs to remember that shark feed on small fish and human beings are nothing like their standard prey. Shark attacks on people are extremely rare and according to scientists from the University of Florida, the risk of dying from a shark attack is roughly 1 in 3.7 million. But there are those rare occasions when sharks do mistake humans for sea lions or similar marine mammals and in those cases, there is a threat. So with this recent surge in the Orange County shark population, the cause of which remains a mystery to scientists, of course beach safety officials must take all precautions to protect human beach-goers.

Great white shark

Sharks hold a special place in our hearts here at Water Gallery. We chose Wyland's starkly beautiful painting Shark Reef for one of our glass water bottles and it's one of our favorite Wyland pieces. We are strong believers that sharks get a bad rap. They tend to be quite solitary and they truly want to be left alone to enjoy their ocean habitat in peace. Although they are seen as fierce predators who hunt human beings for blood, in actuality that is not true. Sharks are majestic, graceful creatures who want nothing to do with humans. If anything, we should be working to protect sharks rather than demonize them. With Shark Week coming up the first week of July, let's celebrate sharks and although we all acknowledge that meeting up with one face-to-face in the ocean sounds pretty scary, the bottom line is that for the most part, if we leave them alone, they'll leave us alone.

Water Gallery glass water bottle featuring Shark Reef by Wyland



Dec 27, 2016 • Posted by Victoria Binkiewicz

Sharks are incredibly interesting creatures! It’s fascinating how intricate they are.

Sep 08, 2016 • Posted by Connie

While I can’t say I love sharks, I do believe they are an important part of the ocean habitat and I do think they get a bad rap. I’m sure they would prefer to avoid humans just as we’d prefer to avoid them! Wyland’s bottle is beautiful.

Jul 17, 2016 • Posted by Denise H.

I have been following some of the shark sightings on the Dana Wharf fb page. While I prefer whales and dolphins, sharks are part of the natural beauty of the ocean! The Shark Reef Wyland water bottle is a wonderful tribute to this mighty creature!

Jul 13, 2016 • Posted by Cale Conley

I love sharks! Hoping the populations keeps increasing everywhere!

Jul 12, 2016 • Posted by sharon

Who isn’t fascinated by these massive creatures. Only safe way to appreciate them is to gaze into a Wyland bottle while enjoying a beverage.

Jul 11, 2016 • Posted by Teri pollard

This is why I’m scared to go swimming at the beach but unfortunately I live where a lot of alligators hang out and I’m more scared of them

Jul 11, 2016 • Posted by Barb

People belong on land. Sharks belong in the water. When you enter the sea, you are in someone else’s home. I love sharks! I love the sea. But I know that when I go snorkeling or swimming, it is a chance I will take.

Jul 11, 2016 • Posted by Katie schoenfeld

I absolutely love sharks!Well and sea turtles.I would love to have one of these beautiful shark bottles as a keepsake.My husband used to be a shark fisherman in the late 70s and early80s.Always catch and release!I agree sharks do get a bad rap.They are not like they are portrayed in the movie Jaws,and the new movie The Shallows.

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