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Introducing Gallery Drinkware's new Wyland-inspired bottles and double old fashioned glasses!

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You’ve been asking, you’ve been waiting…they’re finally here! We are so excited to announce FOUR new Gallery Drinkware Wyland-inspired designs, including two new signature bottles. Our Wyland-inspired Ancient Mariner bottle features a stunning pink sunset and two incredible sea turtles, while a whale dives into the ocean in the background. Our Wyland-inspired Companions of the Sea bottle beautifully captures the touching bond dolphins share with one another, a remarkable kinship that transcends the depths of the ocean. Along with these striking bottles, we are also proud to introduce two new elegant Wyland-inspired double old fashioned glasses, one of which features sea turtles amongst coral and a school of fish; the other of which features dolphins amongst coral and a school of fish. We have no doubt that all of you ocean-lovers, art enthusiasts, and Wyland fans are going to absolutely fall in love with these four new pieces. They make incredible gifts (Valentine's Day is coming up!) and they make an amazing addition to your own Gallery Drinkware collection.

We have a special offer going on right now, a great way to get all four of these beautiful pieces while also saving some money! Please note that we have a limited quantity of these four gorgeous new pieces, so take advantage of this offer. Between Tuesday, January 24th and February 7th, we are offering them in two sets for $65 per set:

*Ancient Mariner with two accompanying turtle double old fashioned glasses.
*Companions of the Sea with two accompanying dolphin double old fashioned glasses.

Gallery Drinkware Wyland-inspired Ancient Mariner bottle with turtle double old fashioned glasses

Gallery Drinkware Wyland-inspired Companions of the Sea bottle with dolphin double old fashioned glasses

These items will eventually be available as solo pieces, but we are not sure exactly when. Get them while you can!

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