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Introducing Wyland's gorgeous new "Water is Life" glass water bottles!

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After all this time, marine life artist Wyland has finally created his very own swing-top glass water bottle design! Made using a satin frost method, Wyland's elegantly minimalist new bottles feature his eye-catching signature and iconic whale tail along with the words "water is life."

We at Water Gallery have deep love for both Wyland's art and swing-top glass bottles-- combining the two is perfection!-- so we are thrilled to introduce Wyland's brand new bottles and sell them on our website. Choose from a 500 ML or liter size and enjoy these incredible drinking vessels over and over again.

Reusable glass water bottles like these are the healthiest, most eco-friendly, and, in our opinion, most pleasant way to drink water on a daily basis. You know that through using these bottles, you are doing your part in helping to protect the earth (there's nothing worse for our oceans than plastic, so choosing a glass bottle is always best!) as well as nourishing your own body and soul.

And when you have Wyland's one-of-a-kind style adorning the bottles? What could be better? These gorgeous vessels make incredible gifts for friends, family, and colleagues, or just a special something you buy for yourself. Make sure you snatch yours up today-- we have a very limited quantity and they will definitely go fast! Water is, indeed, life and these bottles are a beautiful reminder of that fact.



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