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It all started with a dream of conservation...

Gallery Drinkware's full bottle line up with Wyland, Guy Harvey, Drew Brophy, and Van Gogh art

As people who care deeply about the environment, we often think about all the plastic in the ocean, struggling with the fact that single-use plastic bottles of water are the main culprit. As a society, we are addicted to single-use plastic in many forms, bottled water being the first that comes to mind. Many companies and organizations have attempted to come up with solutions for this plastic water bottle crisis, leading to the creation of thousands of options. And there is a huge market for reusable water bottles! They come in BPA-free hardened plastic, stainless steel, and sleek glass, all with clever designs. But these bottles are primarily intended for portable use. These plastic bottle alternatives are rarely being used in the home.

This brings us to our crucial point regarding single-use plastic water bottles. There is a bigger issue that no one is talking about when we discuss this issue: the very bad habit of stocking one’s home refrigerator with these single-use plastic water bottles. Yes, the plastic bottles that people use in the home ALSO end up in our world’s oceans and this home habit is a huge contributor to the problem. Wondering how many people stock their fridges with single-use plastic bottles on a weekly basis? The next time you are at Costco or Sam's Club, just peek into the other shopping carts. Look at how much bottled water is going into the homes of the masses. 

We get that you may need to buy a single use plastic water bottle here and there. Hopefully, these moments are the exception, the occasional “Oh my goodness, I hate having to do this!” type of moment. You move on, knowing that you make great eco-choices the majority of the time. This little slip up is fine. But rarely are these exceptional moments, unfortunately, because so many “ocean loving” people are admitting that they stock their homes with plastic water bottles.

Why are they doing this? Most people quickly reply with “Well, I recycle them,” or “for the convenience.” Or, “When I have guests over, people appreciate being offered a cold, unopened bottle of water.” But at what cost? Is this supposed convenience or desire to please a guest worth the health of our marine ecosystem?

Gallery Drinkware is approaching this rapidly growing problem with an artistic solution. There’s no need for any plastic bottles in the home when you have an extraordinary, artistically unique glass water bottle that’s refillable, reusable, and a show-stopper when you have guests over! Our goal is to make glass cool again by creating beautifully decorated water bottles that will make people feel good about using them on a daily basis, instead of that incredibly wasterful single-use plastic.

You and your guests will forget about “convenience” (by the way, there’s nothing inconvenient about simply refilling a glass bottle on a daily basis) or the supposed “freshness” (which is a myth) of bottled water when these beautiful bottles are on the table.

And so, with all of the above in mind, we are proud to announce our Signature Bottle Collection featuring the prominent names in ocean art as well as one of the most iconic artists of all time: Wyland, Guy Harvey, Drew Brophy, and Vincent Van Gogh (via the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam). We are honored to have officially licensed the work of each of these amazing artists.

From the beginning, our plan was simple: let's decorate premium glass bottles with our favorite art by renowned marine life artist Wyland, with his colorful seascapes, majestic whales, free playing dolphins, and sea turtles nestled on sunny beaches.

Gallery Drinkware's most recent Wyland bottles, featuring Shark Reef, Ancient Mariner, and Companions of the Sea

After we released our initial bottles featuring Wyland art, we introduced our Guy Harvey bottles, with his iconic sportfishing art, his stunningly detailed images of pelagic fish, and migrating sharks.

Gallery Drinkware's Guy Harvey bottles featuring Hawksbill Caravan, Spanish Sailfish, and Golden Prize

And with the additional of surf lifestyle artist Drew Brophy, his bold colors, clean lines, and ultra-cool beach images as well as sacred geometry art, we knew we were on to something.

Gallery Drinkware's full collection of bottles

These incredible bottles have been catching the attention of art lovers nationwide. After a few years of success with our ocean collections, we are thrilled about our next goal: our Masters line of drinkware. Our first master is none other than Vincent van Gogh. We have officially licensed artwork from the world renowned Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Gallery Drinkware's Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam collection of bottles

We have his iconic Sunflowers painting, with its sunny hues, alternately wilting and thriving flowers, and lush brushstrokes; Irises, with its symphony of vibrant blues, violets, and greens in a tranquil garden scene; and Almond Blossom, with its creamy white blossoms, vivid turquoise and gnarled branches.

With the combination of art and premium glass, we have a unique opportunity: let’s rethink convenience and let our love for the ocean and natural world prevail. Our Signature Bottles are gentle reminders of what your efforts are protecting. Let’s think about dolphins, turtles, whales and other beautiful sea life; meadows, flowers, tree branches, and blossoms, when filling a glass container seems too inconvenient. 

Let’s think about the simple, yet profound beauty of nature. Whether it’s the ocean or a peaceful garden, nature cannot flourish if it’s covered in plastic rubbish. It’s time to get single-use plastic water bottles out of the home once and for all. It’s time to choose the beauty of nature and the elegance of reusable artistic glass bottles over plastic!


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