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Are you committed to a plastic bottle-free home?

We know that it's hard to live a completely plastic-free life. Plastic is EVERYWHERE. Plastic bags at grocery stores, plastic forks and spoons when you get your take-out lunch, plastic water bottles at Disneyland...everywhere. And we get it: sometimes it's just easier to use plastic when you're in a pinch. It's ok-- none of us should beat ourselves up for what we do every now and then. If you keep it to just those "in a pinch" moments, you're still doing better than most. But think about it: are you relying on single-use plastic on a daily basis? If you are, clearly you've jumped over the every now and then line. And when we jump over that line, it's time for all of us to ask ourselves, how can I do a little better for our planet?

There's no need for single-use plastic water bottles in the home setting!

Instead of saying "I will never touch another piece of plastic again," which is sadly an unrealistic goal, let's commit to something a little more do-able, something that will make a HUGE difference in the health of our natural environment. Let's all commit to a plastic bottle-free home! We at Gallery Drinkware think this is a very surmountable goal. There is simply NO NEED for single-use plastic water bottles in the home! With tap water at our finger tips, all sorts of water filter jugs available at pretty much any given store, refrigerators with built-in filters, and a multitude of refillable water vessels to choose from, there is no excuse for plastic water bottles in the home. You don't need to offer your guests a bottled water when he or she arrives...hand them a GLASS of water! These are such manageable and rewarding changes that we all can make. Even if you still opt for a handful of single-use plastic water bottles per year in a pinch, keep them out of your home! You'll be amazed at what a difference it will make, both for your pocketbook and the world around you. We can all work together to be part of the change!


May 25, 2017 • Posted by Bridget Neal

You guys need to make a growler option.

May 25, 2017 • Posted by Desarae Espinoza

my mom got hers at del mar when i got mine, she was one of those people who always baught a case of water for the week, and recycled the plastic bottles, but now that she has her beautiful great white shark reusable water bottle its what she uses on a daily bases :) so proud of her and so thankful you provided
a solution to her plastic bottle obsession.

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