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Thirty Years of Drew Brophy Art

Drew Brophy sacred geometry art on glass drinkware

One of our very own artists, the incomparable surf lifestyle artist Drew Brophy, is being featured in a thirty-year retrospective at the Chapin Art Museum in his home town of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The exhibit will present a large focus on his surfboards, as he is credited for changing the way surfboards have been painted, worldwide-- a remarkable accomplishment.

Drew is internationally renowned for his ultra-cool, colorful, and extraordinarily unique surfboards and he is often commissioned to make custom boards for many well-known surfers, including Pearl Jam's lead singer Eddie Vedder and even tech companies such as Google and IBM.

This showcase will focus on some of his most striking works-- from sketches to paintings and actual surfboards-- arranged in chronological order starting from even as far back as his teenage years. Most notable in the showcase will be how patrons can observe his art in the various stages, starting with a graphite sketch, a painting, and then the item that the painting was eventually printed on, such as a surfboard. The exhibition will finish with his amazing sacred geometry art, which exemplifies Drew's most recent artistic fascination with mathematics and repeating patterns in nature. 

Drew Brophy sacred geometry art Metatron's Cube featured on our glass bottle and drinkware

Being featured at the Chapin Art Museum is particularly special to Drew because Myrtle Beach is where he was raised and where he first started creating art. He and his wife Maria will lead several of the tours during the first two weeks of the exhibition. Drew left Myrtle Beach in his 20s to travel the world surfing, while also creating art as he journeyed across many seas. His iconic Sunrise painting, which adorns one of our favorite bottles and some of our coolest pints, was completed during one of his global adventures. 

Drew Brophy's Sunrise painting on a glass bottle

Eventually his travels led him to San Clemente, California, where he resides today. And San Clemente is where he's set up his crown jewel-- an incredible gallery which houses some of his most awesome works of art. 

We continue to be amazed by Drew and his extraordinary talent. We wish we could be one of the early visitors to this awesome exhibit, especially during one of Drew and Maria's tours. It will undoubtedly offer people a striking retrospective through his art journey-- thirty years of unique, colorful, and awe-inspiring creations.

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