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Water Gallery, back in the Florida Keys!

Water Gallery, back in the Florida Keys!

Water Gallery's recent Guy Harvey licensing meeting trip to Florida was hanging in the balance dangerously as we anxiously tracked Hurricane Matthew's path-- it was only a couple days prior to our scheduled flight that we knew we were actually able to go. But mercifully, the hurricane mostly bypassed these treasured areas, sparing Miami as well as the Keys.

We made it there safely and the Guy Harvey meeting was very informative. We spent time chatting with representatives from Sea World about their continued partnership with Guy Harvey. We also heard updates about Guy Harvey's relationship with Norwegian Cruise Line, with whom he actually has his own beautifully decorated ship! It's always fun making connections with other Guy Harvey licensees and learning from them. 

After a couple of nights at the licensing meeting in Fort Lauderdale, our plan was to spend five days in the Keys for a little work and R&R, living the "Keys Life," so to speak. We stayed at the Guy Harvey Islander Hotel, a Guy Harvey Outpost (which is a collection of boutique hotels all around Florida and Central/South America).

This beautiful beach-side resort is the ideal place to experience Islamorada. While in the Keys, we checked up on our retail partners and also squeezed in some much-needed fishing time. We did have to deal with a lot of post-hurricane rain and churning waters, but coming from drought-ridden Southern California, this was almost a welcome change (although of course it kind of flew in the face of the calm fishing experience we were hoping for).

Nonetheless, we found tremendous joy fishing on warm nights with just a bit of a drizzle, staying up until 1:00am under the palm trees. So, we spent our evenings fishing and our days both sight-seeing and working, feeding the tarpin at Robbie's, eating shrimp and grits at the Shrimp Shack, getting happy hour yummies at the Lorelei, and visiting our friends and customer at the History of Diving Museum.

Guy Harvey Islander Resort, Islamorada, Florida Keys

Guy Harvey Islander Resort, Islamorada, Florida Keys

All in all, it was a great trip during a sleepy time in Florida. Although the threat of the hurricane was daunting-- obviously we were crossing our fingers that the people of Florida were spared and of course we were also hopeful that the storm didn't prohibit us from being able to travel there-- it was an unexpected luxury to kind of have the place to ourselves. We enjoyed the Guy Harvey meeting, got a lot out of visiting our retailers, and we look forward to our next "excuse" to visit the Keys.


Dec 27, 2016 • Posted by Victoria Binkiewicz

I wish you guys were in the PNW!!! Our ocean life is pretty different as is our weather but it sure is beautiful.

Nov 16, 2016 • Posted by Donna Castillo

WATER GALLERY DISPLAY AT OCEAN GARDENS, ISLAMORADA.. I have been looking everywhere for the carving of the 3 dolphins in this display. My eyes just fell in love with them and my search has failed me.. any ideas how I can get my heart to smile with this piece on my wall? Thanks so much for your help and time..
Donna Castillo

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