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Water Gallery exhibited at Green Fest LA!

Water Gallery exhibited at Green Fest LA!

As a passionately green-minded company, we at Water Gallery were thrilled to be an exhibitor at Green Fest LA this weekend. Being certified carbon neutral, giving a portion of all of our sales to our artists' foundations, focusing on eco-friendly packaging, having a completely plastic-free manufacturing process, and producing made-in-America reusable glassware are major sources of pride for us-- we keep the natural environment in mind with every business decision we make. We don't just blog about it, we live it! And so, we saw our artistic, reusable glass drinkware and bottles as a perfect fit for Green Fest as well as a unique addition to the festival.

At Green Fest LA, it was so rewarding to be surrounded by so many innovative green companies who share many of the same goals and ideals as we do. Green Fest offered us a really exciting opportunity to connect with people who care about the environment, from customers to other retailers and businesses. We marveled at how much concerted effort was made at Green Fest to be a zero-waste festival, especially since festivals and fairs (like kids' birthday parties) are notoriously environmental nightmares. And most importantly, the message at the festival was clear: being mindful of the environment shouldn't be difficult or torturous, but rather do-able, practical, and fun. There are many companies, products, and thought-leaders who are making green living more and more possible and convenient on a daily basis. And the hope is that many more will continue to follow suit. 

Water Gallery at Green Fest LA


Water Gallery at Green Fest LA

We were very proud to be part of Green Fest LA and we hope that people see that our reusable glass bottles and glass drinkware are not only a unique and beautiful way to bring affordable art into their lives, but that we are also making sustainability a gorgeous option. Living green should be BOTH practical and enjoyable-- no one should have to sacrifice beauty and joy for being environmentally friendly (Tesla is the perfect marriage of style and eco-awareness, in our opinion-- aside from Water Gallery, that is;), nor should people sacrifice caring about the natural environment in order to own something beautiful. As a whole, we just loved the festival's goal to help like-minded folks learn how to "work green, play green, and live green." It's what we at Water Gallery strive to do every day!

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