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"Water is Life:" the Dakota Access Pipeline threatens water source

Water is Life, Dakota Access Pipeline

"Water is Life:" a statement packed with such profound meaning to us as humankind. More than ever, the protests at the Dakota Access Pipeline are a stern reminder of this all-important message. The very resource that gives us ALL life, water, is in grave danger as a pipeline construction project encroaches upon a water source.

The most vital aspects of life are the things that nourish both our bodies and souls and when something as powerfully valuable as the water we drink is threatened, both are in peril. We've written about the Flint drinking water crisis many times before, a tragedy of unfathomable proportions.

And now this: a $3.7 billion pipeline project threatens to destroy the natural environment in an area of South Dakota that is home to multitudes of people. The project's construction could damage ancient sacred Native American lands that date back 15,000 years as well as pollute the water supply of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.

Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Poster

The Dakota Access Pipeline project is 90% finished, but just this week the US Army Corps of Engineers rejected an application for the pipeline to tunnel underneath Lake Oahe, a reservoir formed by a dam in the Missouri River.

Protesters at the pipeline camp celebrated this as a victory, but are hesitant to vacate the camp and go home (despite brutal winter weather conditions) as our country faces a new presidential administration which will likely approve the final construction phase of the pipeline.

As visitors enter the camp, they are greeted by 350 flags of various Native American nations which fly alongside numerous banners proclaiming the protesters' mantra, "Water is Life," a powerful reminder of the life-and-death resource that is in such serious danger.

 We at Water Gallery stand with the natural environment at every turn and reading about this story has affected us deeply, just as any story that describes our earth and its resources in peril at the hands of man.

We are proud to feature Wyland's gorgeous new bottles, designed by Wyland himself, which elegantly and powerful showcase the words "Water is Life" alongside his iconic signature and whale tail. As one customer aptly wrote on our Facebook page, "I will buy if you give a portion back to Standing Rock."

We wish we could do that, but please know that with every purchase of a Water Gallery product, 3% is given back to environmental foundations. The words "Water is Life" always have and always will have profound meaning to all of us as a human race. But now, more than ever, these words ring true.

On this day and going forward, we keep the Standing Rock tribe in our hearts and minds and hope that their sacred lands and water supply will not be polluted and tarnished by the selfishness of man.



Dec 27, 2016 • Posted by Victoria Binkiewicz

I think it’s awesome that you guy’s donate part of your sales to protecting the world and it’s precious resources. It makes me feel good to support a company who fights the good fight and brings awareness to such issues.

Dec 26, 2016 • Posted by Lisa kahanek porter

My nephews are part native anerican, and they have taken this issue to heart… glad that you are, too! Every little bit helps: whether it is a little bit of time, money, thought, prayer, words…….little bits add up to a lot of bits!!!! And even if outcome is not what u want or expect, the bits do make an impact somewhere and with someone! We all matter.

Dec 25, 2016 • Posted by karen eifert jones

I know if differ in my view of this issue. I prefer to look at the facts than get caught up in emotion. The facts are there was a time and place for opposition to the plan and no one stepped up to stand against it during that two year process. It does not cross the reservation or sacred ground. This pipeline does not pose a threat to water. It is a much safer way to transport petroleum than by truck or rail. The risks of those modes are much higher than a pipeline. If there is ever a leak, it can be quickly shut down. I have no stake in this, I just get frustrated with emotional policies that make no logical sense.

Dec 25, 2016 • Posted by Charlie Floyd

I would hope and pray that this “ban” on the tunneling is permanent. I also fear the long term effects of Fracking. Water is a natural resource which if not properly regulated and controlled with common sense will lead to further war and “natural” disasters.

Dec 23, 2016 • Posted by Vicki Hernandez

I was happy to hear of the victory, but like you said….the new administration will most likely approve the final phase. I can’t believe that they can be so heartless. :(

Dec 23, 2016 • Posted by Kasee Johnson

We can’t support every cause, and we can’t expect you to, either. As long as we are all doing our part, progress is heading in the right direction. And I know you are doing everything you possibly can … while offering us ways to help, too! I have been keeping an eye on the news and have been tentatively hopeful with the outcome of Standing Rock. I think the timing of this Wyland bottle is absolutely perfect.

Dec 23, 2016 • Posted by Donna Castillo

I saw the comment on Facebook and your response. As a customer and I feel like an extended family member, I know in my heart that The Water Gallery contributes as much as possible to as many as possible. There are so many other companies that don’t that we should stand up and protest too.

Dec 23, 2016 • Posted by Aaron Hightower

I don’t watch the news for many reasons but I thank all those that were involved in the protest!

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