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Gallery Drinkware's "to do" list for Earth Day 2017!

Earth Day, protect the earth, protect our planet, conserve, reduce, reuse, recycle

There are so many ways to honor our remarkable planet, not just on Earth Day, but every day. From choosing reusable drinking vessels and eating containers, to conserving water, to reducing the amount of plastic in your home...there are infinite ways to make better choices. Of course you don't have to wait until Earth Day to do these things, but with Earth Day coming this Saturday, April 22nd, it's always a great time to make some new "resolutions" for protecting the earth. Here's a nifty little "to do" list of eco-friendly things that we at Gallery Drinkware feel are important for our planet day-in, day-out. Start at least one of them Earth Day weekend...the hope is that several of these things will "stick" and we can all continue to do them throughout the year! 

Protect our Earth and our oceans on Earth Day and every day!

1) Cook an "Earth Day" meal: use locally-sourced ingredients (ideally from your own garden!), favor fruits and vegetables over less eco-friendly meat, choose washable instead of disposable drinking and eating utensils, and opt for all organic foods. 

2) Plant a tree: pick a type of tree that you know can survive in your climate and plant it! Educate yourself on which trees are native to your area and will thrive where you live. Plant it correctly, digging a properly-sized hole in an area optimal for the tree's growth. Trees help reduce greenhouse gasses and provide homes for all sorts of birds, insects, and other animals-- they're so valuable to our earth's health. 

3) Clean up liter in your community. Join a group that regularly cleans up the streets, highways, parks, beaches, et cetera, in your area. Not only will it help the earth, but it will make your city/town all the more desirable and pleasant.

4) Make your own Earth-friendly cleaning products. For example, a solution of half-water, half-vinegar can effectively clean all sorts of surfaces in your home, from bathroom tiles to kitchen counters. Making a paste with baking soda and water can also help to clean fabrics such as clothing and carpeting. You can save packaging and money making your own cleaning products!

5) Sell or donate used items instead of throwing them away. Have a garage sale, do a clothing swap with friends, donate a bag of toys to a local charity, et cetera. Get rid of clutter and help others-- a great combo!

Pick one or more of these above items to do this weekend and see if it's something you can stick with regularly throughout the year. Each of them is very do-able and each makes a huge difference to the health of our planet. Let's all work together-- happy Earth Day 2017, everyone!

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May 25, 2017 • Posted by Desarae Espinoza

i believe im on the right track :) growing my own food in the garden i started in march, reusing everyday item or repurposing them for garden use, my husband baught me three trees last month, and we always donate items we dont use and shop at savers our local thrift shop :) no need for new stuff if we can get things that still have life in them :)

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