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What's your #OathofAction?

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1% for the Planet, a tremendous group of like-minded businesses who all share a common goal to protect the earth, is inspiring us all to take an "Oath of Action." In their words, an Oath of Action is "our solemn (and joyful!) promise to do something real and tangible for our one wild and precious planet." This is an opportunity for us all to take a moment and think about how our own abilities and power can best be utilized for the betterment of the earth.

An Oath of Action can be as simple as a commitment to bringing one's own reusable bags to the grocery store 100% of the time in 2017. Or maybe you've decided to, once and for all, ban disposible plastic water bottles in your home. Or your oath could be limiting your showers to no more than 5 minutes in length, daily. Or perhaps you want to make a monetary contribution to an organization that's committed to protecting the environment.

Each of those actions makes a profound difference in the health of our planet, as do myriad other earth-friendly choices. It's time for us all to ask, what is my Oath of Action?

Maybe your Oath of Action is to stop using single-use plastic water bottles once and for all!

Here at Gallery Drinkware, we have taken many oaths of action, so to speak. We try to be mindful of the environment with every professional and personal choice we make. But we are very proud of the financial commitment we've made to help the earth: with every Gallery Drinkware sale, we give 4% to environmental foundations.

From the Wyland Foundation, to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, to, we feel immensely gratified to know that a portion of all Gallery Drinkware purchases goes directly to helping our planet. Our oath is to continue to give 4% from every sale and to be thankful for our planet's riches every single day. We only have one glorious earth-- it's crucial that we all band together to take action against its destruction.




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