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Drew Brophy Metatron's Cube Set


Metatron's Cube Bottle and two glasses
Metatron's Cube Bottle and two glasses Metatron's Cube Bottle Two Metatron's Cube Glasses

*Our Drew Brophy Metatron's Cube Glass Bottle showcases his eye-catching sacred geometry art, with repeating patterns and gorgeous colors. Sacred geometry, the study of how geometric shapes and proportions have sacred meanings, helps us find peace and serenity in the natural world. Both soothing and calming to look at as art, as well as satisfyingly healthy for your daily water-drinking needs, Drew Brophy’s sacred geometry is perfectly-suited for this exquisite bottle.

PLEASE NOTE: Like a snowflake, each bottle is unique. With a hands-on decorating process, slight flaws and variations are normal. Some examples of slight flaws may be a wave in the glass, a smudge in the frost, a slightly misaligned back label or small flaws in gold decoration. Unlike slight flaws, damaged bottles are covered by our Fair and Simple Return Policy.

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