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Gallery Drinkware donates 3% of all sales to various philanthropic organizations with each purchase

From the very beginning, Gallery Drinkware's mission has been crystal clear: to create artistic, elegant reusable glass bottles and drinkware and to give back to philanthropic causes. With the latter in mind, we donate 3% of all sales to a foundation relevant to each of our artists. Along with an additional 1% of all sales going to the 1% For the Planet group, an organization which is dedicated to giving back to environmental causes, 4% of all Gallery Drinkware sales goes to the health and conservation of the natural world as well as environmental and art education. 

The Wyland Foundation is dedicated to inspiring and educating in order to help save the world's oceans

When a piece of Wyland-inspired Gallery Drinkware is purchased, 3% of the sale goes directly to the Wyland Foundation, an organization committed to ocean conservation and marine life youth education. Deeply involved with giving children the tools and inspiration to help save our oceans, the Wyland Foundation is truly changing young lives and our natural environment.

The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation is committed to environmental research and education

When a piece of Guy Harvey-inspired Gallery Drinkware is purchased, 3% of the sale goes directly to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, an organization committed to scientific research and the encouragement of sustainable marine life practices. A primary goal of the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation is to ensure that future generations have the drive, the knowledge, and the ability to work towards protecting the earth.

Waves for Water is an organization committed to getting clean water to everyone who needs it

When a piece of Drew Brophy-inspired Gallery Drinkware is purchased, 3% of the sale goes directly to Waves For Water, an organization committed to bringing clean water to communities in need around the world. Access to clean water should be a human right and the absence of such affects communities on a profoundly devastating level. Waves for Water works with world leaders on the front lines in order to rescue real people from the tragedies that result from lack of clean water access.

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