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About Us

Gallery Drinkware Founders Kenny and Leah Laskan pose with Wyland and his incredible brush art

Kenny Laskan, Founder

With a Bachelor's degree in History, over 17 years of sales experience, and a deep commitment to environmental issues, Kenny has been dreaming of creating something like Gallery Drinkware for as long as he can remember. What began as a simple conversation years ago in a winery about how clever it was to reuse a Grey Goose bottle as a water serving vessel, morphed into what has become a rapidly growing glassware company. Gallery Drinkware focuses on the creation of eye-catching visual pieces that are both decorative and functional while also contributing thoughtfully to the movement towards reusability and sustainability. Working with his wife Leah, Kenny has found immeasurable joy in developing these beautiful, reusable glass water bottles and glass drinkware.

Leah Laskan, Co-Founder

With a Bachelor's degree in English and a Master's degree in Elementary Education, Leah worked for 10 years as an elementary and middle school teacher, followed by several years as a stay-at-home mom. As she enters the next phase of her professional life, being a part of something as dynamic and stimulating as Gallery Drinkware is truly a dream job. As the company's resident blogger, Leah is thrilled to be combining her passion for writing and her desire to spread the word about helping the environment to this emerging artistic glassware company.


Heather Smith, Vice President

Serving as Vice President, Heather brings her vast accounting experience, business knowledge, and organizational mastery to Gallery Drinkware. After 20 years of working in corporate America supporting various companies by managing accounts, building and cultivating business-to-business relationships, analyzing organizational structures, all while creating and implementing effective streamlined business practices, Heather decided to follow her creative dream and join the small business world. Assisting with all operations and, most importantly, creating the company's business foundation, we are thrilled to have her as part of our Gallery Drinkware family. A California girl at heart and an avid softball player, Heather finds balance in her life between work and play by spending time with her beloved family and puppies.





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