Gallery Drinkware

Caring for your Gallery Drinkware

Many people have asked us over the years about how to care for their Gallery Drinkware artistic bottles and glasses. We've been asked if they're dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, freezer-safe, what type of soap to use, what type of cleaning instrument to use, and so forth. We believe that taking care of one's artistic drinkware is of the utmost importance, so we want to be very clear about how we recommend caring for your Gallery Drinkware pieces.

The delicate nature of Gallery Drinkware artistic bottles and glasses requires special care

As a quick disclaimer, we can't account for wear and tear over time. We are thrilled when people use their Gallery Drinkware bottles and glasses daily, but we have no control over how people choose to use and care for them. Over time, all decorated glass items will show wear. This does not reflect the quality of the piece.

Here are our recommendations to keep your glassware looking as beautiful and well-preserved as possible:

1) NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, put your Gallery Drinkware bottles or glasses in the dishwasher. 

2) Always hand-wash GENTLY with warm water and mild liquid soap.

3) Never use an abrasive sponge or scrubber of any sort. We recommend a soft rag for cleaning your glass drinkware.

4) We have sold bottle brushes on our website which are intended for gentle use INSIDE our bottles only. Never scrub the outside of the bottle; outside washing should be with a soft rag. 

5) Our glass drinkware is both microwave and freezer-safe. However, be very mindful NOT to shock your glassware from one temperature extreme to another. 

6) Care should be taken when placing drinkware on rough surfaces. Because of the delicate nature of both the frost and the accent color on the bottom of some of our glasses, avoid scraping the bottom of any glass on tabletops or other surfaces that may be abrasive. 

7) Avoid letting bottles or glassware soak completely submerged in water for extended periods of time.

With a little bit of care, your artistic glass drinkware will last for years. If you have purchased or received this drinkware, we are confident that you place as much value in preserving its beauty as we do. 




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