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Drew Brophy

Drew Brophy is an American artist who was born in 1971. As a "surf lifestyle artist," Drew is best known for his surfboard paintings and distinctive painting style using Uni-Posca water-based paint pens. Along with his status as an icon in the surf art industry, he also creates unique, vibrant beach scenes on canvas, replete with rippling waves, whimsical characters and creatures, bursting suns, and colors that pop. In 2015, Drew was commissioned to create the cover for the latest Sublime with Rome album, gaining even more exposure and further securing his standing in the surf art world.


                                                    Surf lifestyle artist Drew Brophy surrounded by his incredible, colorful paintings


A self-taught artist, Drew began painting on surfboards as a young boy when he first started surfing in his native South Carolina. Originally, Drew set out to be a professional surfer, and he traveled the globe using artwork to help pay for his surf adventures. More and more, he was commissioned to create art and a lifetime profession was born. After living and surfing in Hawaii in the 1990s, Drew moved to California in 1996 to put his art career in high gear. 

Drew became known as the artist who pioneered surfboard painting with water-based paint pens and has taught generations of artists his techniques. His art has continued to branch out in dynamic ways, including his growing fascination with the art of "sacred geometry," where mathematical ratios and harmonics repeat themselves in natural patterns. Sacred geometry lends itself to beautiful, colorful, and spiritual art and Drew has become a master at creating sacred geometry pieces that attract both the eye and the soul.


                                                      Surf lifestyle artist Drew Brophy holds one of his beautifully decorated surfboards.

Drew speaks passionately about his connection with each piece he creates. His deep philosophical attachment to his art has led him on a spiritual journey into researching and becoming an expert on sacred geometry. What began as a physical connection with Mother Earth during his surfing years has led him to a deeper understanding of what connects us all to nature and the physical universe. Drew's art embodies all of those things: his love and reverence for nature, his adoration for the beach and ocean, and his respect for mankind's relationship with the physical world around us. Drew Brophy is a natural fit for Water Gallery and we are extremely proud to showcase his mesmerizing artwork on our bottles and glassware.


              Drew Brophy's gorgeous Gallery Drinkware bottle featuring his art piece Sunrise


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