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Marine life artist Wyland pictured in front of his Whaling Wall in Long Beach, CA

Renowned marine life artist Wyland changed the way people think about our environment when he started painting 100 life-size whale murals on the sides of buildings all over the world in the 1980s. Today the Wyland name has become synonymous with environmental conservation as well as deep love for the world's oceans. Through his unique marine life paintings, sculptures, and photography, Wyland has inspired a generation to learn about the importance of marine life conservation and protecting our majestic seas.

Water Gallery is honored to partner with Wyland as our first featured artist. Three percent of all Wyland-inspired Water Gallery product sales will be donated to the Wyland Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which is dedicated to promoting, protecting, and preserving the world’s ocean, waterways, and marine life. The foundation encourages environmental awareness through education programs, public arts projects, and community events.  

Wyland's fans are some of the most passionate art lovers around. Their collective sentiments about how Wyland's art transports them to a magical ocean world simply by looking at the art speaks volumes about his talent and knowledge of the sea. His art is timeless and appeals to art enthusiasts of all ages. From mermaids to whale tails to orcas to sea turtles, his portrayals of ocean creatures and seascapes have warmed people's hearts for decades and will undoubtedly continue to do so for years to come.


The Wyland Foundation is dedicated to inspiring and educating in order to help save the world's oceans


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