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As official licensees of the art of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Wyland, Guy Harvey, and Drew Brophy, our gorgeous drinkware enables you to celebrate life's moments by bringing little works of art into your home! Gallery Drinkware's artistic glass bottles and drinkware showcase this iconic artwork on glass in the most beautiful, unique, and functional way.

Additionally, our glass bottles and drinkware are an eco-friendly and exquisitely gorgeous alternative to the single-use plastic water bottles that fill home refrigerators-- with our collections, you'll never need or want to use a single-use plastic bottle in your home again! With our incredible pieces of "functional art," you'll be simultaneously beautifying your surroundings and helping to keep plastic out of our oceans.

The best place to learn more about our bottles, our company, and our overall philosophies is by reading our blog, which you can find here. We blog regularly about our bottles and drinkware, the latest developments and products in our company, topics and current events related to environmental issues, and musings on various aspects of life in general, from art to recipes to travel.

  • *All of our bottles and drinkware are limited edition and each bottle is decorated with 22-karat liquid gold frame and lettering.
  • *Each bottle and reversed frost glass is decorated in Oceanside, California and all colorful pint glasses are decorated in North Carolina. 
  • *Gallery Drinkware is a proud member of 1% for the Planet and we give 4% of all sales back to environmental causes and art education.

Our durable and elegant bottles and drinkware are meant to be used in multiple ways:

  • *Use our bottles as serving vessels at a dinner party or as decorative centerpieces at your table.
  • *Use our beautiful drinking glasses at any meal. They are both pops of color as well as conversation pieces-- our drinkware is truly "functional art."
  • *Display the bottles as a pieces of art in your home.
  • *Bring your bottle with you to work as a reminder to drink more water throughout the day as well as a gorgeous piece of art to display on your desk.
  • *Use our bottles as a kitchen essential, bringing them in and out of the fridge as needed and refilling them with water over and over again.
  • *Gift our bottles and drinkware to the art fanatic in your life or simply to that person who “has everything." They also make unique and memorable gifts for co-workers, teachers, friends who are throwing house-warming parties, and environmental enthusiasts

Wyland Gallery Drinkware bottles featuring Shark Reef, Ancient Mariner, and Companions of the Sea

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Van Gogh bottles featuring Irises, Almond Blossom, and Sunflowers

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Gallery Drinkware's full bottle collection featuring the art of Wyland, Guy Harvey, Drew Brophy, and Vincent Van Gogh

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