Gallery Drinkware

30 Day Simple And Fair Return Policy

Gallery Drinkware offers a simple and fair return policy to anyone who shops with us online. This policy will help you if your Gallery Drinkware bottle(s) or glasses arrive damaged or your order is fulfilled incorrectly. Damaged drinkware includes broken/cracked glass or a hole in the art work.

Simply contact us within 30 days with your refund/replacement request. Shipping cost will be covered for a damaged or incorrectly fulfilled order, but not for a change of mind or slight flaw. 

Slight flaws don't fall under the category of broken or damaged bottles. It's not uncommon to find slight flaws in hand-decorated products. These slight flaws are often what makes our glass drinkware special, in our opinion. Slight flaws are not the same as a bottle that may be damaged in the shipping process. Some examples of slight flaws may be small blemishes in the glass, a smudge in the frost, a slightly misaligned back label or small flaws in gold decoration. Gold is not an ink, it is a metal that does not always apply evenly. We pride ourselves on our gold work, but we are not perfect.

To learn more about our hand-decorated process, click here. To learn more about a slightly flawed versus damaged bottle, click here.

For a refund/replacement, simply take a picture of the damaged bottle(s) and email it to us hereYour full product refund will be processed within 72 hours or your replacement bottle(s) will be sent within 72 hours.


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