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Water Gallery's Artist Philosophy

We at Water Gallery have a special bond with all of our collectors and our artists, something that ties us all together in a profound and meaningful way: we all love the ocean. And we all love the ocean for different reasons. Some of us are surfers, some of us are dolphin lovers, some of us are scuba divers, some of us love to be out on the open water in boats, some of us love to fish, some of us are obsessed with whale watching, some of us simply love sitting on the sand or splashing in the waves. We are chasers of beautiful sunsets and admirers of the beauty of the sea. The one thing we all have in common is our love and respect for Mother Earth and her waterways. 

The beauty of the sea and its creatures

And that's our core philosophy at Water Gallery: to love, respect, and protect the natural world around us and its oceans. Each of the artists whose work is showcased on our bottles love and respect the world's oceans from a different perspective, just as we do.

Respect and revere Mother Earth's oceans

Wyland is a respected diver and portrays marine life from the perspective of one of those rare humans who has been immerse in an underwater world of which many only dream. He is also heavily involved with the United Nations to help raise awareness for ocean conservation and has partnered with Toyota and Disney to help with water conservation efforts.

Wyland, Water gallery reusable glass water bottles

Guy Harvey's artwork and influence is based in his experiences as a youth being raised in the Caribbean. He is an avid big game fisherman and loves and respects the sea and its gifts. Harvey is also a very vocal and active advocate for marine conservation. His dedication to ocean conservation is unparalleled. 

Marine wildlife artist Dr. Guy Harvey

Drew Brophy is an avid surfer and stand-up paddle-boarder. He loves to be in the water riding the waves. His fan base tends to be comprised of passionate surfers who adore the beach and its wonders. He cares deeply about the natural world and believes most fervently that all of the world's inhabitants should have access to clean and plentiful drinking water.

Surf lifestyle artist Drew Brophy

We are so proud to showcase these amazing artists on our Water Gallery bottles and drinkware. Each of their respective commitments to the world's oceans and each of their unique, beautiful portrayals of the sea and its creatures brings something magical to our bottles. It is with great reverence and respect that we salute our oceans and the artists who have the talent to bring the beauty of the sea into our homes in extraordinary ways.

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