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Drew Brophy Metatron's Cube Double Old Fashioned Glass


front view of metatron's cube water glass.
front view of metatron's cube water glass. metatron's cube artwork is baked on the back of libbey glass. back view of drew brophy's metatron's cube double old fashion glass. translucent view of a hand decorated cocktail glass.


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Drew Brophy's mesmerizing "Metatron's Cube" image is baked on the back of a double old fashioned glass. This eye-catching piece is a beautiful accent to any dining table or cocktail display and is the perfect complement to the equally gorgeous Metatron's Cube signature bottle.

The front is adorned with 22-karat liquid gold.

Libbey glass.

15 ounces.

Hand wash only. To learn more about caring for your Gallery Drinkware, click here.


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