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Van Gogh Irises Glass Bottle


Van Gogh Irises Glass Bottle
Van Gogh Irises Glass Bottle Van Gogh Irises Glass Bottle Van Gogh Irises Glass Bottle Van Gogh Irises Glass Bottle - Gallery Drinkware (Formerly Water Gallery) Van Gogh Irises Glass Bottle

This exquisitely beautiful and reusable Vincent Van Gogh Irises glass bottle is decorated with the officially licensed art of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Featuring Van Gogh's remarkable Irises painting, this bottle is meant to be used on a daily basis as both a uniquely eye-catching beverage serving vessel as well as an incredible artistic centerpiece at any dining table. 

Vincent Van Gogh's Irises Artwork is viewed through both the liquid contents with which you choose to fill the bottle as well as on the back of the bottle.

22-karat gold liquid lettering and frame.

One liter.

Hand wash only.

History of Irises: In April 1890, Van Gogh threw himself into the production of several flower still lifes, including roses and two big canvases with large bouquets of purple irises. Van Gogh wrote a letter to his brother Theo, describing the two paintings of irises, one of which was set against a pink background, the other with “divergent complementary colors which accentuate each other through their opposition.” The second painting described in the letter is the still life Irises now in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Van Gogh's Irises is beloved worldwide in the global artistic community. Brimming with vividly colorful iris blossoms and gracefully meandering stems, the curling and twisting lines of Irises are a Van Gogh signature, making it one of his most enduring works.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Toulene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm. For more information, visit



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