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Mermaid Glass Bottle


Wyland Mermaid Glass Bottle
Wyland Mermaid Glass Bottle Mermaid Glass Bottle

This Wyland Mermaid glass bottle showcases a beautifully graceful mermaid reaching up towards the ocean’s surface as the sunlight shines down into the sea. The mermaid’s elegantly sloping tail, flowing hair, and the fluid movement of her arms brings the fantasy of the underwater maiden to life. She is surrounded by colorful, playful fish and gentle ocean waters, a magical world below the surface of the sea.


*Our Wyland Mermaid glass bottle makes an incredibly unique gift as well as a beverage serving vessel, as water bottles meant for daily in-home use, as a pop of color in your kitchen or on your dining table, and to display art unlike anyone’s seen before.


*Every bottle is a limited edition, meaning it will never be made again. Once the bottle is sold out, it's gone forever. Make sure you get yours today so you don't lose the chance at making your Gallery Drinkware bottle collection complete!


*Hand wash only. To learn more about caring for your Gallery Drinkware, click here.


PLEASE NOTE: Like a snowflake, each bottle is unique. With a hands-on decorating process, slight flaws and variations are normal. Some examples of slight flaws may be a wave in the glass, a smudge in the frost, a slightly misaligned back label or small flaws in gold decoration. Unlike slight flaws, damaged bottles are covered by our Fair and Simple Return Policy.

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